Actress Lee Yoo Mi of "Squid Game" Is Driving Fans Crazy In "All Of Us Are Dead"

Lee Yoo Mi, who appeared in Squid Game (as Ji Yeong, Player 240), is back in All of Us Are Dead! (as Lee Na Yeon) -- a completely new role.

As Ji Yeong was one of the most beloved characters in Squid Game, here -- Lee Na Yeon is a totally different story! 

In "All of Us are Dead", Lee Yoo Mi played a student who is rich -- unlikeable.

Ji Yeong can sacrifice herself for a friend, Na Yeon is too selfish -- she contaminate her classmate with zombies blood, won't share stock room food supply, etc  (Oops!)

They are total opposites that it’s hard to believe they’re played by the same actress. 

Join her now and see her in a world where zombies have asymptomatic variants too (yes, just like Covid-19 they also have that).

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"School's out for the Apocalypse!"

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