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Some of you are tired of searching full movies online, so your most requested links to FREE Movies are here.

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Tagalove, the largest tagalog movie channel in the world, release every week the most famous hollywood action movies dubbed in tagalog.

See movies from TagaLove Channel

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Watch out the best movies and feature films only on V Movies!
All movies are licensed to V by the major distribution companies!

See movies from V Movies Channel 

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Features movies which put forth a direct message for Jesus Christ, either for evangelism or Christian living. A divison of the Christiano Brothers.

See movies from Christian Movies

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Edgy Animation Films is a channel responsible for bringing you the newest and funniest animation films outside the mainstream studios. 

With fresh and fierce humor, energetic animation styles and exciting stories, the films and clips on our channel are sure to give you experiences that are rarely found elsewhere. 

Sample FULL MOVIE: Ronal The Barbarian - Full movie

See movies from Edgy Animation Films

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ABS-CBN Star Cinema
The company has produced more than 200 films in various genres, all of which are geared to suit the preferences of Filipinos of all ages and walks of life wherever they may be in the world.

See movies from ABS-CBN Star Cinema

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GMA Network
Catch the latest GMA full Movies and TV Series full episodes

See movies from GMA Network 

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See movies from YOUKU MOVIE

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Moxi Best Movie Channel is a leading YouTube Movie Channel with authorized Chinese Movies; Release Schedule. 

See movies from Moxi Best Movie Channel

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