Latest SSS Mobile App version

Good news! The latest SSS Mobile App version is now available in Google Play Store and in Huawei AppGallery!

The latest version of the SSS Mobile App provides new look and features such as quick access to member information and easy navigation. 

It also has a dashboard showing contribution and loan PRN information, activity history where you can check your recent SSS Mobile App transactions and provides links to relevant information materials and the SSS' social media accounts. 

Login to the SSS Mobile App using your My.SSS account's user ID and password.

Upon accessing the previously downloaded SSS Mobile App, there is a message displayed that the user must get the latest version by tapping the "update" button. 

This will redirect the user to the Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery (for Huawei phones). 

Tap "update" to update to the latest version of the SSS Mobile App, version 4.0.10 for Play Store and version 4.0.11 for Huawei AppGallery.

The following are the services available for members in the SSS Mobile App:

1.  Member information

        o    Basic Personal Information

        o    Update Contact Information (Landline Number, Mobile Number,Email Address, Local/Foreign Mailing Address)

        o    Viewing of Enrolled Bank Information

2.  Contributions

        o    Total Number of Contribution posted

        o    Total Amount of Contributions

3.  Loans

        o    Salary Loan Status

        o    Salary Loan Balance

        o    Application for Salary Loan

4.  Benefit Claims

        o    Sickness Claim Info

        o    Maternity Claim Info

        o    Retirement Claim Info

        o    Disability Claim Info

        o    EC Medical Status

5.  Maternity Notification

6.  Payment Reference Number - Contribution

        o    Payment Reference Number Lists (Generated PRN)

        o    Generate PRN

        o    Online Payment via PayMaya

        o    Online Payment via BPI

  7.  Other Services

        o    Documentary Requirements

        o    Forgot Password

        o    SSS Branch Locator

        o    My.SSS Registration

        o    Feedback

        o    Electronic SS Number Issuance with My.SSS registration

        o    Inbox Notification

        o    Upload of Profile Photo

        o    Links to SSS Social Media Accounts (uSSSAp Tayo, SSS Facebook Page, SSS You Tube               Account)

        o    Help (FAQs)

        o    Activity History

        o    Customer Satisfaction Survey

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