Piso WIFI - For Sale and Assembly Tutorial



Wall mounted type, Metal finished, Powder coated, Outdoor type
Rain or shine hindi mabubulok or kakalawangin 
Quality made in and out

Weight almost 4kg magaan lang bitbitin.
Compact design. Wall mounted design na po eto.

Requirement lang is dapat may internet connection ka.
Plug n play na po eto. With regards sa aftersales support is superb. Kaya ano pa ang hinihintay nyo grab yours now at a very affordable price with an elegant and durable design.

✅ With eloading (optional pwede naman disable if ayaw)
✅ Auto Generated Time
✅ Voucher Ticket (Wipass)
✅ More user at a time with own time per client
✅ Has its own bandwith limiter (Limit Data Upload/Download)
✅ Pause/Unpause Time
✅ No need thermal printer/paper
✅ Adjustable Time and Rate
✅ No need LCD
✅ Anti-eating coins w/o pressing insert coin button
✅ Changeable Logo/Flash Banner
✅ Auto Disconnect when time is zero
✅ Sales report monitoring
✅ Remote online monitoring
✅ Less maintenance & easy to use (user-friendly)
✅ Metal box design for outdoor with louver for exhaust
✅ Box is powder coated (rust proof)
✅ No need person to watch the machine because it is automated
✅ Low power consumption
✅ Dust proof 
✅ 50 users can connect At a time

Package include:
✅ PISOWIFI metal box with devices inside.
✅ OUTDOOR ACCESS POINT 100m range 360° radius
✅ Lan cable
✅ Tarpulin
✅ Dynabolts for wall mount


a. Metal box would last long.
b. Aftersales support is excellent.
c. Technically hands on.
d. Easy to troubleshoot because of custom board.
e. Has coinslot cover.
f. Automated (no need person to watch the machine).

Fixed Price: PhP16,500

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