SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) 'Left & Right' Official MV

SEVENTEEN’s 7th Mini Album [Heng:garae], is an energetic album that breaks away from the emotion of fear, which was expressed through the 3rd Album [An Ode], and urges you to dream and run toward a new world together. The album aims to deliver a message of encouragement for the youth, as they work toward their dreams.

Rather than expressing the hardships of the youth facing a fork in the road, SEVENTEEN lends a hand of support in their own way by exuding a cheerful and unique charm with passionate energy.

[Heng:garae] is a healing album for the youth that illustrates the unique colors of SEVENTEEN. The title track ‘Left & Right,’ inspired by the hip-hop genre from the 2000’s, recreated a 2020 sound with powerful energy. The track encourages those who feel there is no escape whether they turn left or right, sending a message to stay positive and to “move forward boldly without fear.”

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