‘Intense + Cheap’ Music Performance “Everglow” and [reminiscence]
'A unique performance never seen before !! You are so DONE ’

-EverGlow grows into a 'Super Rookie'-> Global Global Girl Group !! '20 straight ahead 'trends in 2020

-The title song 'DUN DUN', Everglow's 'Overflowing Visual + High-quality Performance' Brilliant Return !!

Return of King Everglow in the performance of the 2020 music industry! ‘You are so DONE’

Everglow, who debuted at the same time as a different and powerful stage performance, captivated the whole world and imprinted its presence and emerged as a global girl group, launched the first mini album "reminiscence" to signal the 2020 activity.

Everglow's first ever revealing story, narrative, and worldview, the album [reminiscence] is the end of the music scene, capturing all of Everglow's signature 'strong performance' as well as the infinite possibilities of music through musical growth. Attention is focused on the colorful charm of Everglow who will become the king.

'Bongbong chocolat' and 'Adios'.
EverGrow has grown to become a global global girl group, receiving a lot of love from overseas, including the number one album on the charts, over 80 million music video views, and a girl group that is paying attention to billboards.
This title song `` DUN DUN '' is also a powerful song that sounds like a heart ringing.It is a trendy song that represents the people of this age, which is proud and subjective, and intense and colorful performances that have never been seen before. It satisfies all of them and strengthens EverGlow's unique identity.

Our story produced by Everglow [reminiscence]
It is time for everyone to be captivated by EverGlow's colorful and intense music and performance.

'Baby, you won't get stuck ~'

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