Ely Buendia A Night at the Theater


Ely Buendia
A Night at the Theater

The success of the musical ANG HULING EL BIMBO has been nothing but phenomenal. Inspired by the music of the iconic 90’s band The Eraserheads, the songs that ELY BUENDIA wrote for the band has become the soundtrack of the lives of many a youngster who whooped it up at the height of the band’s popularity. And to this day the songs continue to churn out many unforgettable memories – both good and bad, to those who may now have outgrown their wild and wooly ways but continue to reminisce of how things were and how things should’ve been.
Now imagine a concert where Pinoy Rock and Roll meets theater featuring the musical genius of Ely Buendia. It’s a new take on the Huling El Bimbo musical only this time the fictional characters of the musical will be interacting with Ely Buendia himself. It’s like playing out a story where the characters come alive, literally jumping out of the pages of the book and interacting with the author himself while the author gives his commentary on each of the characters and what motivated him to create each one of them. Sounds surreal? Not really. The characters in the Huling El Bimbo musical are after all fictional characters whose creation may have been inspired by actual people and events in the life of Ely Buendia.
In the Concert aptly titled ELY BUENDIA A Night at The Theater, Ely comes face to face with the characters in the musical. The actors who’ll be playing them will be in character – singing, dancing and acting to the different songs during the show. Ely will be interacting with the characters around him but his response will be channeled through his songs. Each character will probe into Ely’s brain to find out what motivated and inspired him to write the songs that were featured in the musical. The characters hope to unravel the story behind the songs and the story behind the man who created them. It’s actually an interesting concept that may reveal a lot about the life story of the songwriter. After all his songs are the soundtrack of his life.

ELY BUENDIA A Night at the Theater
Written By Dingdong Novenario
Directed By Jamie Wilson
featuring guests from the cast of
“Ang Huling El Bimbo” – The Musical
December 8, 2019 / 8PM
Newport Performing Arts Theater
Resorts World Manila