Contest: Propose a name for the WASP-34 Exoplanet System

Filipino citizens of any age or organizations based in the Philippines are eligible to propose names. One entry per individual/organization.

Winning individual or organization must be able to present an I.D. or certification.

SUBMIT your entry now -
Make sure to read the judging criteria and mechanics.

Participants are invited to propose one name for the exoplanet and one name for the parent star, and must be accompanied by an explanation. The names must be related in some logical way, and must be broad enough to provide literature for additional names for future objects in the system. All proposed names for the WASP 34 system should adhere to the IAU Naming Rules. They must be names of things, people, or places of long-standing cultural, historical, or geographical significance, worthy of being assigned to a celestial object.
Proposed names may be submitted from August 1 - September 15 at our submission page. After the names go through a screening process they will be posted for voting. The selected names, as well as the two honorable mentions will be submitted to the International Astronomical Union for final selection. Names accepted by the IAU will be recognized as official names, alongside their technical designation (WASP-34 and WASP-34b).

The winner will receive a telescope courtesy of PAGASA.

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