Socmed with HOOTSUITE

Plan, collaborate, and execute social campaigns in one place with Hootsuite.

New to Hootsuite? Begin exploring the key features of your dashboard: connecting your social media accounts, publishing posts, and monitoring and engaging with your audience.

00:45 - Adding Twitter Streams
00:55 - Adding a Twitter Hashtag Search Stream
01:25 - Adding a New Tab
01:30 - Adding a Social Network
02:10 - Adding a New Tab
02:20 - Adding Facebook Streams
03:15 - Account Settings
03:55 - Creating a Post
04:45 - Adding an Image to a Post
05:30 - Using the Link Shortener
05:53 - Scheduling a Post
06:30 - Using the Planner
07:45 - How to Engage with Posts
09:30 - The Hootsuite App Directory

Like any good adventure, it started from humble beginnings in 2008. But things picked up pretty quickly after that…

We made early partnerships with the social networks that mattered most to our customers...and their customers.

One million users became two. And two became eight million.

We opened up nests all around the world for our more than 300 employees. Soon enough, 75% of the Fortune 500 were using our product, and Forrester recognized us as a leader in social media management.

We now have more than 1000 employees and 17 million customers. With new partnerships, product launches, and happy customer interactions happening every day, we’re excited about what the future of social holds for our customers.

Our battle-tested technology, extensive ecosystem, and social DNA help organizations create human connections at scale.

Learn how Hootsuite can help you succeed with social:

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