Where to get the best "Pinoy Favorite" PORK BBQ asap?

It's 2019 and it's the Year of the Pig. Now where to get that best "Pinoy Favorite" PORK BBQ asap?

Merienda, Ulam or Pulutan.
Tenderness versus Texture versus Flavor
See (below) our TOP 5 BEST Pork Barbeque in town.

Watch this yummy video.

1. Three Sisters Restaurant
Located at Tiendesitas, Frontera Verde, C-5, Pasig City; East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City 

A Fiesta of Filipino Food: A “Three Sisters Restaurant of Pasig” Review

A stick of Three Sisters’ barbecue has hefty cuts of pork meat with little fat and the tender and juicy pork cuts skewered like a kebab has a smoky taste. Tocino lovers will love Three Sisters’ barbecue because it’s drenched in thick marinade, which is almost "tocino-like" in terms of sweetness.

2. Reyes BBQ
Foodcourts (everywhere) Their branches are all over the metro but most recognized are their mall food court's section.

The pork meat is alternately skewered with slivers of fat and grilled until most of the edges are burned. Juicy and moderately tender with a strong peppery taste, the pork barbecue can actually be eaten without any sauce, but it’s the Reyes Barbecue peanut sauce that makes their version distinct from the rest.

3. Aristocrat
SM Manila

While more popular for their chicken barbecue, Aristocrat’s pork barbecue has thick chunks of juicy pork meat grilled well with some charred edges. Meaty and tender with a slightly sweet and smoky taste coupled with sauce that they serve upon request.

4. Aling Nene’s Barbeque
1300 Vito Cruz Street corner South Super Highway, Manila. 

Aling Nene’s started as a small take-out counter in 1955 selling lechon baboy, lechon baka, grilled chicken and pork barbecue. Soon after, the take-out counter became a restaurant, with the pork barbecue being one of Aling Nene’s most popular offerings. A stick of the Aling Nene’s special pork barbecue has lean and tender tenderloin cuts. Well-marinated and smoky with hints of pepper, they also offer delivery with minimum orders depending on the area.

5. Andok's

Yes, your friendly neighborhood Lechon Manok chains are offering Pork BBQ on stick. Cheapest among the other four that I have mentioned above but it's very good!

Our TOP 5 list was based on our gravings :) + location (Metro Manila) + easy access.

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