Film: TUOS

Cinemalaya 2016


A woman chosen to keep an age old tradition alive must now choose between her granddaughter’s life and a belief that shackled her in solitary confinement.

In a small village, located deep within the mountains of Antique live Pinailog No ordinary woman, Pinailog is the village's "Binukot" or a "kept Maiden" chosen in her youth as the fairest amongst the women in her village. Long confined inside her house and her face often covered with a veil, Pinailog has been forbidden to go outside, or work the fields. She commands respect and reverence as the gatekeeper of her culture's oral tradition, memorizing the chants and performing it during special occasions. But as the world progresses into the modern age- the age of epics she chants about—even the very existence of the "binukot" slowly deteriorates.

DIRECTOR:        Roderick Cabrido
SCREENPLAY:   Denise O’ Hara
CAST:                   Nora Aunor, Barbie Forteza, Flor Salanga,
                              Ron Martin, Elora Españo, Ronnie Martinez,
                              Al Bernard Garcia, Elora Españo, Casimira Cabilitasan
GENRE:              Drama
RATING:              R – 13

No one wants to be "chosen" anymore, least of all Duwokan, Pinailog's 15 year old granddaughter. Duwokan wants to live her life, go out, learn new things and fall in love—all of which Pinailog disapproves owing her beliefs that Duwokan does not have the choice in the matter, just as she never had a choice when she was chosen. However, as Duwokan falls in love with a young man, the sanctity of the "tuos" (the pact between the supernatural deities and their village0 is threatened, putting Duwokan's life in danger. Realizing that she cannot just let things be, Pinailog fights for Duwokan's right to live her own life and finds herself coming face to face, literally, with the ghosts of a tradition which shackled her into a life of solitary confinement.


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