Cinemalaya 2016


“The inevitable state of death is as fleeting as the vibrancy of life itself.”

“Hiblang Abo speaks volumes of muted memories and infinite struggles among four men in their twilight years, confined in a hospice facility or home for the aged. Huse, the most hopeful, recalls stories of treasured friendship anchored in trust and confidence. But like a thief in the night, tragedy strikes at the oddest moment between happiness and bleakness-- when all his friends succumb into insanity, a heinous act and commit the forbidden act of ending mortality. Sotero, Blas and Pedro have all left Huse, alone inside their dilapidated room.

But their pasts are not all about gloom and the anxiety of death. Huse finds his inspiration with a femme fatale named Rosa, also a ward in the institution. He is trying to forget his painful past when his wife left him for good because of his identity crisis. Blas, occasional bursts into extemporaneous speeches that used to inspire labor union members before a factory strike. Sotero, repeatedly utters like a prayer that he wants to leave the home and rescue his daughter, a house maid, from her abusive employer. Pedro is happy and content in the hospice home and wants to forget his sordid past when his own family abandoned him, in the streets as a derelict. Their gray hair grow and fade unnoticed, their lives enter the void of oblivion. Everything unfolds so naturally into their swan song until their body pains and heartaches yield the sameintensity, when their hearing and their feelings become permanently impaired; and when theirblurry vision and memories become “clear” signs that the inevitable state of death is as fleeting as the vibrancy of life itself.

DIRECTOR:         Ralston G. Jover
SCREENPLAY:    Naning Estrella
CAST:                    Nanding Josef, Lou Veloso, Jun Urbano,
                               Leo Rialp, Matt Daclan, Anna Luna,
                               Lui Manansala, Flor Salanga, Cherry Malvar,
                               Rommel Luna, Mike Liwag, and  Angela Cortez.
GENRE                Drama

RATING                PG – 13


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