Cinemalaya 2016


“Dagsin” is a beautiful and touching love story about courageous people, who are willing to sacrifice everything to protect their loved ones against the tragedies of human existence

After surviving World War II, the Death March, and several attempts on his life, Justino had become an atheist. But after his wife’s demise, a part of him now yearns to believe in life beyond death just to be with his Corazon once more. Searching for parts of her he can still hold on to, Justino goes through her personal things. Mercy, his adopted daughter, finds a box-full of Corazon’s diaries, which he devours for information into their past.

A respected and venerated Judge during the Martial Law era, Justino compromised his integrity in exchange for the safety of his wife. His conscience now haunts him and insists on passing judgement on his past sins.

DIRECTOR:         Renato Ignacio Magadia, Jr.
SCREENPLAY:    Renato Ignacio Magadia, Jr. and Anne Prado-Magadia
CAST:                    Tommy Abuel, Lotlot De Leon, Benjamin Alves,
                               Janine Gutierrez, Alex Diaz, Sue Prado , Marita Zobel,
                               Rolando Inocencio, Yoshihiko Hara, Arpee Bautista
GENRE:               Drama, Suspense
TRT:                      1:58:43
RATING:               PG – 13


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