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Philippine Independent Film Festival 2015 (Year 11) 


by Jethro Patalinghug
Even at the age of 36, filmmaker JethroPatalinghug had never quite gotten over the gaping hole in his childhood: the perpetual absence of his mother as he grew up in The Philippines.

Virginia was an activist in the People’s Power Revolution of the 80s, and constantly away from home. Fearing for her life, she eventually had little choice but to leave her family behind and flee to the United States.Twenty years after their separation, Jethro confronts Virginia about his sense of abandonment. It’s not a perfect reconciliation, but it’s an honest conversation between a mother and son that helps them move on. /Print source: Jethro Patalinghug (
CREW: Writer, director, producer, editor-Jethro Patalinghug; Contributing cinematographers, Michael Balke, James Lazaro Rumohr, Benjamin Dennis,Josh Baize; Sound Engineer, Ryan Kleeman, Justin Burkeen, John Ganzmann; Audio Post, Musical Score, John Ganzmann; Color grading, Bill Manolios; Narrative Consultants, Amy Shidler, Daven Gee, Michele Sieglitz

by Cecilio Asuncion
Feature-length documentary, Sayaw, explores the culture of ethnic dance communities through the journey of Jay Loyola Dance Company and its pursuit of a coveted spot in the venerable San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. The film follows renowned Filipino choreographer, Jay Loyola, as he endeavors to cast, rehearse, and audition his troupe for the festival.
CAST: Jay Loyola, Cera Byer, Shinobi Jaxx, Reina Victoria, Jonathan Mercado, Loren Gonzales, Jadyn Rozzano-Keefe, Mahalaya Tintiangco-Cubales PRODUCTION: Thigh High Production CREW: Directed by Cecilio Asuncion; Writers, Cecilio Asuncion, Joshua Jones; Producers, Brian Anderson, Joshua Jones, Cecilio Asuncion, Larry Roan; Director of Photography, Michael Garrigues; Editor, Benjamin Shearn; Cinematographers, Vladimir Gitlevich,  Terry VerHaar, Gavin Impett, Ana Grillo, MarijkeHoebee; Sound Engineers, Ross Hopeman, Max Savage; Composer, John Piscitello; Graphic Designer, Nicole Vallance; Animator, Jimmy Zhang; Translator, Gayl D. Vincente  / Print source:Cecilio Asuncion (
by Cha Escada and Wena Sanchez
On November 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan claimed the lives of Nick and Chai Quieta’s four children, leaving them with nothing but each other and a house torn to pieces. Now, four months later, we step inside the Quieta home and observe how they cope with their loss. What is it really like to lose all your kids all of a sudden?
CAST: Ferdinand “Nick” Quieta, Doris “Chai” Quieta CREW: Produced and Directed byCha Escala and Wena Sanchez; Cinematography, Cha Escala; Music, Nani Naguit; Sound Design, Emmanuel Dadivas
(Thank you for the Memories)
by Dik Trofeo
The documentary serves as a tribute to National Artist for Cinema Gerardo de Leon in celebration of his Centennial Year.  “Salamat sa Alaala.” is inspired by the music composed by the late film director when he was a teenager playing background music for silent movies in Manila theatres. The video opens up with a capsulated history of the birth of the Filipino movies followed by a series of shots of veteran actresses, the academe and the young generation of filmmakers affirming his unique qualities as a world-class film figure. Then we unravel his private life as a family man. The documentary is one way of thanking him for his lasting legacy in the art form he left behind.
CAST: Peque Gallaga; Anita Linda; Nick De Ocampo; Gloria Sevilla; Nic Tiongson; Lilia Dizon; Robert Arevalo; Barbara Perez; Raymond Red; Doy Del Mundo; Leonor Ilagan; Luis Nepumoceno; Joey Romero; Liberty Ilagan; Maria Fe Ilagan Gibbs; Ronaldo Valdez; Janno Gibbs; Leopoldo Salcedo; Fernando Poe Sr.; Joseph Estrada; Jock Mahoney; Fernando Poe Jr.: Cecilia Lopez; Mike Parsons; Gloria Romero; Tony Carreon; Rose Marie Gil; Susan Roces; Jet Del Mundo; Leni Alano; Eddie Garcia; Christopher De Leon; Nora Aunor; Amalia Fuentes; Laurice Guillen; Bebong Osorio; Bernard Belleza; Elwood Perez; Boots Anson-Rodrigo; Eddie Romero; Pancho Magalona; Luz Mercurio; Bien Lumbera; And Bert Avellana. CREW: Director, Dik Trofeo; Script, Nick Tayag; Narraror, Pinky M. Aseron; Videographer/ Sound, Ari Trofeo;Asst. Director, Mel Adalem;Production Coordinator, Ronald Rios; Post Production Supervisor, Sonny Joaquin;Colorist and Visual Effects Artist, Richard Francia; Video Editor/ Graphics, Anthony Liwanag; Graphics Asst., Miguel Ycasiano; Musical Score, Jings Yuson de Guzman; Production Drivers/ Utility, Delfin Cardenas; Danny Mahinay
by Leonardo Lombrosio
At one level, there are four subjects in this documentary: Brillante Mendoza– ultra neo-realist and pioneer in the regionalisation of Philippine Cinema; Pen-Ek Ratanaruang–American-educated “isolated man” and improvisational Thai New Wave auteur; Eric Khoo– an icon of Singaporean filmmaking and a food-loving, heat-hating lover of country and cinema; and Garin Nugroho–multicultural political filmmaker and magical realist extraordinaire.
At another level, there are four other subjects – the lives of ordinary people in provisional Philippines, an increasingly divided Thailand, censorship in Singapore, and an Indonesia finding its way through messy democracy.Altogether, this is a wonderful celebration of the diversity and richness of Southeast Asian Cinema.
CAST: Brillante Mendoza, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang, Eric Khoo and GarinNugroho PRODUCTION: Produced by Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso, Blue Film – Italy, Bruno Tribbioli, Alessandro Bonifazi; M’go Films – Singapore, Panuksmi Hardjowirogo, Michel Cayla With The Participation ofthe Singapore Film Commission CREW: Written and directed by Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso; Cinematography, Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso, Roszali Bin Samad, Ian Marasigan; Editing, Valeria Biclungo; Original Music, Davide Severi; Music, Filastine, Feeling Of  Regret, Layer / Print source: Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso (
(GMA “Reel Time”)
50:51mins / 2015
A young man, with bipolar disorder, decides to sell books on the sidewalk to save money for a college education.
TITSER (ANC “Mukha”)
Sabrina Ongkiko or Sab didn’t dream to be a public school teacher.  A B.S. Biology graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, she was all set to become a doctor.But her life changed course when her mentor told her that she believed Sab would make a good educator and so a year after, she found herself conspicuously out of place at Culiat Elementary School, a public school set at the heart of one of the most depressed areas in Quezon City.
Sab soon learned about the challenges of the public school system and, in her own little way, did her best to service the people who needed her the most—her students.
CREW: Overall-in-Charge of Production, Ging Reyes; Executives-in-Charge of Production, Gen Reyes, CiletteLiboro-Co; Head of Programming, Karen Puno-Igaya; Narrator, Nadia Trinidad; Production Unit Head; Cleon Lester Chavez; Executive Producer, Hera Sanchez; Director/Cinematographer, Dan Buenaventura; Writer/Producer, Hera Sanchez; Researchers/Production Assistants, Rowena Cos, Patricia Tolentino; Production Coordinator, Jason Reyes; Master Editor, Jay Fajardo; Non-Linear Video Editor, Karen Viterb; Colorist, Dan Buenaventura; Musical Scorer, Alfredo Ongleo; Audio Engineer, Aeneid Pajo; Audioman, Michael Gaspar; Graphics Artist, Patricia Tolentino; Promo Writer, Jill Aspiras;

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