Cinemalaya 2015 - ASIAN SHOWCASE

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Philippine Independent Film Festival 2015 (Year 11) 

August 8 / Saturday, 9:00pm
CCP Main Theater (Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo)
COMING HOME by Zhang Yimou
109 mins
In the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution, a woman struggles to regain her memory and reconnect with her long-imprisoned husband.
CAST: Gong Li, Chen Daoming, Zhang Huiwen PRODUCTION: (China) A Le Vision Pictures Co., Wanda Media Co., (in China)/Sony Pictures Classics (in U.S.) release of a Le Vision Pictures Co. presentation of a Le Vision Pictures Co. production in association with Wanda Media Co., Edko Beijing Films, Helichenguang Intl. Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Zhejiang Huace Films & TV Co. (International sales: Wild Bunch, Paris.) Produced by Zhang Zhao, Jia Yueting, Jerry Ye, Bill Kong, Li Li, Zhao Yifang. Executive producers, David Linde, Pang Liwei, Shang Dongbing, Huang Ziyan, Gillian Zhao, Shan Baoquan, Karen Fu.CREW: Directed by Zhang Yimou; Screenplay, Zou Jingzhi. Camera (color, widescreen, HD), Zhao Xiaoding; Editors, Meng Peicong, Zhang Mo; Music, Chen Qigang;
by Ju Anqi
103 mins - Documentary
Shot more than 10 years ago, a poet sets off on a ‘business trip’ through inhospitable Xinjiang province. The physically exhausting trip provides an existential brothel visit, bumping on bad roads, and a glimpse of a disappearing world. (Rotterdam 2015)
CAST: Shu (Hou Xianbo) PRODUCTION: Trench Film Group, Hubert Bals Fund Support; Fang Li (Executive Producer); Li ZhenHua (Producer) CREW: Written and Directed by Ju Anqi ; Cinematography, Ju Anqi;  Editing, Wang Kang; Music, Li Yuan; Chinese Zither Performance, Ma SenSen

by The Maw Naing
Myanmar/Czech Republic/ 2014
91 mins
This sensitive coming-of-age tale revolves around a young monk, Zawana, who has spent most of his life in a monastery in the Burmese countryside. When his superior falls ill, Zawana is faced with the dilemma of deciding if the life of a monk is still his destiny. (Vesoul 2015)

CAST: Kyaw Nyi Thu, Han Newe Nyein, Thein Shwe, Moe San PRODUCTION: The Maw Naing, One Point Zero Film Yangon, VítJaneček (FAMU, Czech Republic), Helena Uldrichová (Czech Television), supported by Transition Promotion Program, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic CREW: Directed by The Maw Naing; Editing, Zaw Win Htwe; Script, Aung Min; Cinematography, Tin Win Naing; Sound Recordist, Sai Kong Kham; Sound Design, Jan Richtr; Production Design, YaeKyi Aye, Kyam Hitike
by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan
99 mins
The film is a love story that catalogues the journey of a man who has been jerked out of his ‘free’ urban and promiscuous existence by the mysterious disappearance of his estranged lover. (Kerala 2014; Best Malayalam film)
CAST: Prakash Bare, Meena Kandasami PRODUCTION: Executive Producers Kazhcha Chalachithra Vedi, Derrick Sebastian CREW: Written and Directed by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, DOP, Indrajith S.; Editing, Appu N Bhattathiri; Production Design/Art Direction, Murukan; Sound Design,TKrishnanunni; Sound Mixing, N Harikumar; Sound Recording Sync, Sandeep Kurissery, Jiji P Joseph; Music and Background Score, Basil Joseph
by Hiroshi Toda
88 mins
Somewhere in Kyoto, Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura makes scented bags for a living. One night, when the husband takes a walk alone, he finds an old man lying helpless on the street. He takes the old man to his house and offers a night’s lodging. Next day the old man, getting back on his feet, offers help to show his gratitude. The husband then asks him to deliver the products to their customers. The old man leaves and doesn’t return, just as his wife expected. (Kerala 2014)
CAST: Yoichi Hayashi, Hitomi Wakahara, Shyoji Yamada PRODUCTION: Producers Masato Hanazawa, Mica CREW: Scenario, Editing, Direction, Hiroshi Toda; Camera, Guillaume Tauveron, Hiroshi Toda; Music, Mica Toda; Recording, Miho Kashiwagi
by Reis Celik
Having just entered puberty, bride (Dilan Aksüt) had been forced to marry with groom (Ilyas Salman) who is more than fifty years older than her and who just returned to his hometown after doing years of jail time. Sitting in the nuptial chamber with horror, she will start to face with realities after grandfather-aged groom steps into the room.–Sabri B.(Hanoi 2012)
CAST: İlyas Salman, Dilan Aksüt PRODUCTION: Producers Anil Celik, Mevlut Akkaya CREW: Written and Directed by Reis Çelik; Cinematography, Gökhan Tiryaki; Art Direction, Burcu Karakaş; Sound, Ekrem Çelik; Editing, Reis Çelik
by Marat Sarulu
178 mins
The Move is about drifting and evolving to new worlds. The plot revolves around three characters: a mother, her daughter, and a grandfather. The mother persuades her father and her daughter, who live together in a small house by the river, to move to the city with her. But problems hinder the transitional success of the family. (Black Nights 2014)
CAST: Sagyndyk Makekadyrov, Perizat Ermanbaeva, Ainazik Damirbekova PRODUCTION: National studio “Kyrgyzfilm” & “Mandala” Film Company; Producers Marat Sarulu, Gulmira Kerimova CREW: Written and Directed by Marat Sarulu; Cinematography, Boris Troshev; Editing, Gani Kudaibergen; Production Design, Shailoobek Jekshenbaev; Music, Alexander Yurtaev; Sound Design, Murat Ajiev
by Adilkhan Yerzhanov
93 mins
Three orphaned siblings find themselves battling with a corrupt local police chief over ownership of their mother’s ancestral home, in this playfully stylized, deadpan-funny tragicomedy.(Cultural Resistance Film Festival, Lebanon, 2014)
CAST: Yerbolat Yerzhan, Aidyn Sakhaman, Aliya Zainalova, Bauyrzhan Kaptagai, Nurbek Mukushev PRODUCTION: (Kazakhstan) A Short Brothers production. (International sales: Urban Distribution Intl., Paris/New York.) Producers AdilkhanYerzhanov, Olga Klasheva, Serik Abishev CREW: Written & Directed by AdilkhanYerzhanov. Camera (color, HD), Yerinbek Ptyraliyev; Music, Andrei Dudodelov, Mikhail Sokolov, Alexander Sukharev; Production designer, Yermek Utegenov; Costume designer, Gaiza Nakypova; Sound designer, Sukharev; Sound (5.1); casting, Murat Makhan; Assistant director, Aiyerke Maratkyzy. With Yerbolat Yerzhan, Aidyn Sakhaman, Aliya Zainalova, Bauyrzhan Kaptagai, Nurbek Mukushev, Murat Makhan, Arslan Akubayev, Ashim Akhmetov, Akerke Kaltai.
by Isao Takahata
137 mins
One day in the forest, the simple bamboo cutter Okina finds a baby in the folds of a bamboo shoot, and brings the infant home to his wife Ona. Naming the child Kaguya and raising her as their own, the couple soon discovers that their daughter is truly not of this world. (Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival 2014)
FEATURING THE VOICES OF:Aki Asakura, KengoKora, Takeo Chii, Nobuko Miyamoto. With Atsuko Takahata, Tomoko Tabata, Shinosuke Tatekawa, Takaya Kamikawa, HikaruIjuin, Ryudo Uzaki, Shichinosuke Nakamura, Isao Hashizume, Yukiji Asaoka (Special Appearance), Tatsuya Nakadai PRODUCTION: Studio Ghibli; Seiichirô Ujiie, Geoffrey Wexler; Producer, Yoshiaki Nishimura; Executive Producer, Koji Hoshino; Associate Producers-Seiji Okuda, Naoya Fujimaki, Ryoichi Fukuyama CREW: Directed by Isao Takahata; Screenplay, Isao Takahata, Riko Sakaguchi; Original Music, Joe Hisaishi; Character Design and Animation Direction, Osamu Tanabe; Art Direction, Kazuo Oga; Animation Supervision, Kenichi Konishi
by Sotho Kulikar
106 mins
A lost film buried beneath the killing fields reveals different versions of the truth. The Last Reel is a contemporary story about love, family and ghosts of Cambodia’s past. (The Black Dragon Award, Udine Film Festival, 2015)
CAST: Ma Rynet, Veasna Vichea, SokSothun, Hun Sophy, Dy Saveth PRODUCTION: Producers- Ian Masters, Sotho Kulikar, Murray Pope; Executive Producers- Sotho Tan, Lloyd Levin, Chris Wheeldon; Associate Producers ElainYoun, Nick Ray, Olaf Hirschberg, Sotho Vaddana, Annabelle Ray, Julian Ray CREW: Directed by Sotho Kulikar; Original Screenplay, Ian Masters;  Director of Photography, Bonnie Elliott; Sound Recording, Greg Burgmann; Editing, Katie Flaxman; Composer Christopher Elves; Sound Design, Brooke Trezise; Assistant Direction Rick Beecroft; Production Design Supervision, Ian Bailie; Unit Production Management, Christopher Zaryc, Jennifer Cornwell; Location Management, Nick Ray; Location Assistance, Meas Bophea; Production Supervision/Accounting, Sophanne Mak; Production Assistance / Travel Coordination, Sinat Hin; 2nd Assistant Direction, Hem Nerom; Camera Assistance, Prom Marty; Make-Up Design, Som Srey Ya
by Shi Wei
Tian Huai’en is a quiet and simple man. Most of his life is spent on the tiny boat he uses to ferry people across the Dashariver without accepting any dime for doing it. But when he suddenly fell ill, the question of who will take over the ferry looms. (Vesoul 2014)
CAST: Guangda Zhou PRODUCTION: Producers Nie Minxiang, Chene Qiang CREW: Directed by Shi Wei; Screenplay, He Shengsheng; Cinematography, Wang Yang; Editors, Sheng Zhang, Qiuyu Wang;
Music, Yuanping Wang

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