For the first time ever, YouTube FanFest is coming to Manila!

Congratulations for the lucky ones who got their tickets.
General Admin tickets are SOLD-OUT in 38 minutes.

YouTube fans are starting to populate TicketWorld website (Official Ticketing Partner of YTFF - as early as Thursday (yesterday). @youtubefanfest (on Twitter) posted the availability time and date - which is today, 12 June 10am. Free ticket hopefuls are ready and up for grabs. But whewww... sold-out in no time. 


People are crying on social networks, begging for more tickets availability. With my experience with TicketWorld servers in purchasing or getting tickets on the first day... you need to "be patient" and "have a stable internet connection". I remember purchasing WICKED the musical tickets on the first day. It's a challenge to get one but when you received that confirmation invoice as a result of your online-battle-efforts... it's all worth it. This is my first FREE ticket purchase online. I compare this... like a challenge of begging for FREE tickets on a contest for free spot... you need to follow the rules of the game... carefully. 

To those who successfully and manage to book online, your confirmation email voucher is not the actual tix. Make sure to claim the actual ticket on or before June 22.

For the first time ever, YouTube FanFest is coming to Manila!

Get ready to be thrilled by a sensational mix of music, comedy and beauty! 

You can still get tickets...  VIP, Meet & Greet, etc... 
If you have a promotional code, activate the availability of ticket by entering your code in the promotional code box. The YouTubers appearing on stage in Manila will also give away Meet and Greet and show tickets via their social media channels. Stay tuned to @YouTubeFanFest and your favourite creator social media channels if you don’t want to miss out!

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