I survived Cinemalaya 2014 with Day Pass

We survived Cinemalaya 2014!!! 
Yesterday Sunday, 3 August 2014

Gala night of DAGITAB at 12:45pm screening.
CAST: From right - Nonie Buencamino, Eula Valdes, Martin del Rosario, Sandino Martin, Rolando Inocencio, Ronnie Lazaro...

We watched, 12:45pm DAGITAB / 3:30pm RONDA / 6:15pm CHILDREN'S SHOW / 9:00pm S6PERADOS - They are all good picks.

(Below) More pics, cast of DAGITAB.

(Below) After the screening of DAGITAB, Beautiful Eula with "eager-to-have-picture-with-her" fans. I think she looks exhausted, but still very accommodating and sweet.

(Above) Lunch at 3:30pm just outside the lobby of CCP Main Theater.
(Below) Lots of food choices on carts.

(Above) Graffitis on 3rd floor 
(Below) Movie goers startin' to occupy the main lobby.

(Below) MKP Hall on 4th Floor, a smaller theater room compared to other screening venues.

(Below) Outside CCP while waiting for another screening.
Joey Paras of LAST SUPPER...(Retrospective) with Gellie de Belen in beige dress.

(Below) More interaction with the cast of CHILDREN'S SHOW...

(Above) Buboy Villar (teal shirt) matures in 'Children's Show' with fans.
(Below) Cast of S6perados...


(Below) Cast of S6perados... (left to right) Victor Neri, Ricky Davao, Erik Santos.

(Below) More Gala night pics from S6parados, Dagitab, Ronda, Children's Show

(Below) This year's program.


Dinner at Iceberg's beside CCP near seaside.
Needs more energy. 



And that's how we survived Cinemalaya 2014 (Year 10) yesterday.
Cinemalaya is until August 10, 2014

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