Cinemalaya 2014 (Year 10) Gala Nights and Ratings

Today, August 1, 2014 is the opening ceremony of the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. A full house CCP Main Theater as CCP Vice President and Artistic Director @chrismillado (on instagram) just opened the program and announced this year's new components such as the Cinemalaya X Lounge, Cinemalaya Book and the Cinemalaya Indie Circle (membership), followed by Cinemalaya Foundation Inc. President @nojardin  (on instagram) who gave an impressive report on the Festival. 

Our Cinemalaya 2014 (Year 10) Daily Passes. Our 2nd year of Sunday "Tambay" at CCP. 
Again, like last year - we got the first (and second) set of tickets printed for daily pass. 
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Meet the stars and production team on these dates.
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August 2 Saturday
3:30pm Asintado (CCP Main Theater)
6:15pm K'Na, The Dreamweaver (CCP Main Theater)
9:00pm Hustisya (CCP Main Theater)

August 3 Sunday
12:45pm Dagitab (CCP Main Theater)
3:30pm Ronda (CCP Main Theater)
6:15pm Children's Show (CCP Main Theater)
9:00pm Separados (CCP Main Theater)

August 4 Monday
6:15pm The Janitor (CCP Main Theater)
9:00pm Mariquina (CCP Main Theater)

August 5 Tuesday
6:15pm Bwaya (CCP Main Theater)
6:15pm  1st ko si 3rd (Little Theater)
9:00pm Kasal (CCP Main Theater)

August 6 Wednesday
6:15pm Hari Ng Tundo (CCP Main Theater)
9:00pm #Y (CCP Main Theater)

August 7 Thursday
6:15pm Sundalong Kanin (CCP Main Theater)

August 9 Saturday
12:45pm Shorts A (CCP Main Theater)

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Asintado R 13 105 mins
HaringTondo PG 90 mins
Hustisya PG 13 120 mins
Kasal R 18 120 mins
The Janitor R 13 112 mins.

#Y R 13 100 mins
1st ko si 3rd G 109 mins
Bwaya PG 98 mins
Children’s Show PG 13 90 mins
Dagitab R 16 (sex, nudity) 120 mins
K’na, the Dreamweaver G 90 mins
Mariquina PG 120 mins
Ronda R 13 80 mins
s6parados PG 13 97 mins
SundalongKanin PG 13 120 mins

Asansi Lolo MĂȘ? G 20 mins
Eyeball R 16 7:15 mins
Ina-Tay G 16:02 mins
IndayogngNayatamak G 15 mins
Lola PG 16:53 mins
MgaLigawnaParuparo R 18 13:57 mins
PadulongSaPinuy-anan G 19:00 mins
NakabibingingKadiliman G 19:30 mins
The Ordinary Things We Do R 16 12:16 mins
TiyaBening G 12:18 mins

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