Boracay Island after Typhoon Yolanda

Last Tuesday night 'till morning, we volunteer to help packing relief goods for the victims of typhoon Yolanda - for DSWD (a Philippine Government Organization) packing relief mission. During the daytime - volunteers jammed-packed the warehouse area. But still - they need more volunteers during night. Call DSWDSERVES at 851-2681 to schedule your shift.

Wednesday morning, we bound to Boracay Island . 651 kilometers away from Tacloban City - which is highly devastated by super typhoon Yolanda.
Map on the left shows the distance 
of Bocacay Island and Tacloban City.

Getting to Boracay:
From Manila to Boracay - get a domestic flight via Ninoy Aquino International Airport - Terminal 3. We had a Cebu Pacific Air flight to Caticlan. Zest Air and Philippine Airlines also fly to Kalibo Airport.
From Caticlan Airport, a few minutes ride from a "tricycle" to the jetty-port - that will brings you over to Boracay Island.

Arriving at Caticlan Airport from Manila. After typhoon Yolanda, new typhoon Zorayda was on sight.
Just waiting for the rain to stop at the arrival area. Mobile signals are okay. 
My WIFI device said there's a signal or connected, but cannot browse a single site - we are using SMART Bro LTE device. 

A tricycle ride -to- the port. Must be a maximum of 4 occupants only (according to the barker).

Pay some fees at the port - going to Boracay Island.
Environmental fees of P75.00.

Pay terminal fee and ferry ride.

Still raining but not windy. Then we register to Boracay visitor's log sheet.

Waiting for the ferry boat.

 No electricity on this hallway. Maybe they just turned it off for some construction work because of the typhoon.

 Depending on the wind and wave condition between islands, this trip is approximately 15-30 minutes.

 From the port of Boracay Island, tricycles will bring you to your destination (Station 1, 2 or 3) or at the center of the island in approximately 20 minutes.

 The road to White Beach - Station 2.
The sacks of Yolanda leftovers just said - Boracay is ready once again to accommodate visitors. A resort guest told us (on Wednesday 13th November)... "there's no electricity since Thursday of November 7. Just resumed this morning".

I looked at my gadgets and still no internet connection.
The signal says 4G and looks like it is connected but no activity. Can't open my Gmail.
So we went for a swim. Fine sands at Station 2. The horizon is a combination or darkening clouds to gray and some sunny skies down left  - but like it'll rain.

Visits D' MALL (shops and restaurants) and D' PALENGKE (wet & dry market).

We went to Station 1 for lunch. Same experience with WIFI. Not connecting...
Then rain pours so hard. Cotton-like sands at Station 1.

Surprisingly around 4pm at Station 2, I can visit some websites. But still can't open Gmail. Don't know why. I can remotely access by computer from my office in Manila via VPN connection, so i checked my email via MS-Outlook and Gmail. Then some off-shore jobs online.

Dinner around 7pm via "The Talipapa" and "Paluto" at Station 2.
Some friends had a massage before that seafood dinner.
Some shops, said it is the cheapest place to go for souvenirs... temptin' to buy, but just walkin' and lookin' - window-shopping in short.. hahaha. I don't need extra baggage. I want to travel light.

Around 9pm, my internet connection "boomed". Super fast.

The following day - Thursday 14th of November, slow internet connection.
Some locals offer "Island tour with snorkeling" for P1,500 (we're around 12 people). We had 2 beautiful spots. One is 14-feet and 7 feet (beside Crocodile Island). Breed-feeding the fishes. Then we hear a familiar sound from afar... it's an ice-cream man (a "sorbetero" on a padel smaller boat). Strawberry and chocolate ice-cream beats the heat.

Around 3pm at CRYSTAL COVE Island. Beautiful seascapes, captivating view from the top and visits the crystal cave. Boracay Island experience can never be completed without goin' here specially for newcomers. Entrance is P200.00per person (worth it).

Sunset at the beachfront while sittin' on the sand reminds me - this is our last night here in Boracay.
Some stargazing with cold bottled water and "Subway" sandwich on the side ends the day.

> More photos from Boracay - Photo-Set 1 / Photo-Set 2
(From November 13, 14 & 15) - uploading more files, come back later.

> Crystal Cove -  Photo-Set 1
> How to get there (From Manila to Catiklan to Boracay. And from Boracay to Kalibo). A back-packers guide. - collecting data, come back later.

Is Boracay Island... still a backpack destination? Yes, we think so, that is why we made this article post to give you tips based on a back-packer's experience. All you need is in there, just waiting for you - your budget and your way how to spend your time. From high-end beach resorts to accommodating inns. "Variety"... they know how to define this word. No doubt Boracay has changed in the last 10 years. Now one of the fastest growing tourist destination in Asia.

Take note: No smoking on the beachfront. Fine: PhP1,000

Back to Manila: 
From Boracay Island -- a ferry off to Caticlan port.
A van (with air-con) worth P1,200 to Kalibo Airport. Estimated 3-hours travel. We had some nap and "TAMBALANG NICOLE HYALA AT CHRIS TSUPER" in between (FM radio station).

Still some traces of the past typhoon Yolanda roamed the way to the airport. Power lines and poles are leaning towards the ground. Some parts of Kalibo Airport roof was also damaged.  
Zest Air to Manila on a fair weather. A taxi ride to Mall of Asia to find some good eats. Giligan's Island restaurant officially ends the tour.

Credits to "Selya Lakwatsera". Thanks

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  1. san accommodation ok pa magstay?ung mura sana.may trip kasi kami sa 22-24 and plan din magvolunteer sa relief op.any idea san sa kalibo pwede?nahihirapan din ako maghanap sa net e. thanks

  2. Common rooms with nice bathroom can be found within Station 2. I think around P1,500 up sa Station 2 areas near the beach or just a few blocks away from the sands. Budget travellers for Station 2 and for hi ends you can visit the hotels at Station 1.


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