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CINEMALAYA Philippine Independent Film Festival 2013 (Year 9)

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BAKAW  (Little Thief) by Ron Segismundo

When a child has no choice but to work. We follow a day in the life of kid who steals at the Navotas fish port.

CAST: Jaypee Asuncion, Salvador Villabrille, Angelica Salanatin, Angelo Rosento 
PRODUCTION:  Directo- Ron Segismundo Writer- Ron Segismundo DoP-Iar Arondaing 2nd Camera Operator-Romart Martesano Editor-Olsen Juris Serrano Production Manage- Josabeth Villabrille Sound Designer and Composer-Aman Dela Cruz Line Producer-Laureen Lim Live Sound-Darlene Young

M I S S I N G  by Zig Dulay  

On the eve of his birthday, Makuy goes home from an exposure trip.  After witnessing the squabble of his parents, he leaves home to search for Carl and to celebrate with him instead.  On his way to find his partner, a gripping truth unfolds.   

CAST:  Joeffrey Javier, Mark Luz, Upeng Fernandez, Alex Tiglao
PRODUCTION: Writer/Director-Zig Dulay Executive Producers-Jeyow Evangelista, Zig Dulay, Jedd Dumaguina Line Producer-Jed Medrano Creative Consultant-Armando Lao Cinematographers-Jeyow Evangelista, Triztan Garcia Production Design-Olga Marquez Set Man-Jeffrey Icawat Production Manager-Greg Buquia Sound Design/Colorist-Jedd Dumaguina Musical Score-Gian Gianan Editing-Zig Dulay Poster Design-Alfred Amado

PARA KAY AMA (For Grandmother) by Relyn Angkuan Tan

The film tells of Hannah, a young Chinese-Filipino girl who discovers that she has a half-brother and meets him for the first time on the last day of her father’s wake.

CAST: Che Ramos, Shamaine Buencamino, Dexter Doria, Lito Legaspi, Emerson Lee
PRODUCTION: Director/Writer-Relyn A. Tan, Executive Producers-Renato S. Tan, Linda A. Tan, DOP-Carlo Francisco Manatad, Assistant Director-Victoria Mostoles, Production Designer-Francesca Espiritu, Mikee Dela Cruz, Production Managers-Ara Generoso, Raiza Lansigan, Sound Design-Adi Bersales, Sound Team-Jonathan Hee, Alyssa Suico, Adi Bersales, Music-Emmanuel Aguila, Editor-Sari Estrada, Visual Effects Artist-Mark Cyril Bautista, Colorist-Timmy Torres
TAYA by Adi Bontuyan

A 12-year-old boy learns to play the game of life with a new set of friends, who will show him that life and their games have a lot of things in common.

CAST:  Luis Amodan, Sherleen Jan Surian, Michael Bonapos, Alvin Salipo, Elvis J. Sabellano, Mark Asi Villanueva, Billy Carosa
PRODUCTION: Director- Adi Bontuyan Assistant Director-Francis Beltejar Screenplay-Adi Bontuyan Concept-Francis Beltejar Cinematography-Adi Bontuyan Musical Score-Ling Lava, Pat Tirano Sound Design-Adi Bontuyan Editing-Adi Bontuyan Visual Effects-Luis Kintanar Production Design-Mike Enteria Colorist-Ice Cruz Make-Up/ Prosthetics-Lucky Calip

TUTOB by Kissza Mari Campano
14:18 mins

Authorities are on full alert with the recent bombings in the region.  A mysterious, “strange-looking” Maranao man shows up, tasked to get a package from his boss' contact. He meets the contact who handed him a bag.  On his way back, he was stopped at an army checkpoint. The soldiers insist on opening the bag.

CAST:  Fer Mikel Gonzales, Geoffrey Bonifacio, Ron Cagula, Lyka Cristina Diaz
PRODUCTION: Director-Kissza Mari Campano Story-Kissza Mari Campano, Ron Christian Cagula Writers-Kissza Mari Campano, John Stephen Malapote Producer-Mark Jezreel Orbe Executive Producer-Dale Brian Araña Assistant Director-Dale Brian Araña Director of Photography-Mark Jezreel Orbe Cinematographers-Mark Jezreel Orbe, Krizza Mae Justo, Edwin Cabatuan, Jr. Storyboard Artists-John Stephen Malapote, Michael Tan,  Cabatuan, Jr. Sound Scoring-Ron Christian Cagula Graphic Designers-Michael Tan, Mark Jezreel Orbe


The film essays a typical OFW family, with the OFW wife as breadwinner and the husband left in the Philippines to care for the children.  Technology and the internet bridges the physical distance but shatters domestic harmony when the wife, on a Skype video call, sees a bra, not hers, hanging in the marital closet.

CAST:  Diana Alferez, Max Celada, Gianna Lamadrid, Renoa Lamadrid, Janielle Anne Ponce, Paolo O’Hara
PRODUCTION: Production staff-Heber O'Hara, Alan Magbojos, Jerry O'Hara, Lito Ordanza.
Camera man-Heber O'Hara, Lighting director-Jerry O'Hara, Editor-Ian Palma, Music, Writer, Producer, Director-Paolo O'Hara.

KATAPUSANG LABOK (Last Strike) by Aiess Athina Alonso

In a rural seaside town located north of Cebu, fisher folks face the harsh reality of environmental conditions caused by human abuse.  

CAST: Nicolo Manreal, Ivan Zaldarriaga, Dulcita Siroy
PRODUCTION:  Director/Writer-Aiess Alonso, Assistant Director-Bonsai Cielo, DOP-Carlo Francisco Manatad, Art Director-Steff Dereja, Production Designer-Ryan Oh, Film Editor-Jedd Dumaguina, Music-Emmanuel Aguila, Production Managers-Kathy Molina and Geli Blanco, Sound-Jedd Dumaguina, Colorist-Timmy Torres

PUKPOK (A Rite of Passage) by Joaquin Adrian Pantaleon, Immanuel Canicosa, Stephan Domingo

Mac-Mac stands on the threshold of manhood.  He must hurdle a case characterized by excessive blood, superstitions, and an old man with failing eyesight.

CAST:  Jomari Sioco, Norman Loteria, Nelwin Buaron, Oliver Torre, Noriebelle Lagunay, Grace Villablanca, Redjie Jimenez, Timothy Obra, Antonio Canicosa III, Ivan Dio
PRODUCTION: Director and Editor-  Joaquin Pantaleon Writer and Assistant Director- Immanuel Canicosa Producer, Editor and  Audio Director:-Stephan Domingo

ONANG by JE Tiglao


12-year-old Onang who lived all her life with her widowed father Tatang, found herself reaching her dreams of becoming a performer. She left for the city against her father’s will. With hopes of realizing her goal and living a new life, Onang learned that staying was more impossible than leaving.

CAST: Yssa Ramos, Ronnie Lazaro
PRODUCTION: Production Company-Sine Tanglaw Films, Big Top Productions Director-JE Tiglao Writer-JE Tiglao Producer-Ju’an Sarong Co-Producer-JE Tiglao Cinematographer-Box Seblario Associate Director-Dian Cantuba Casting-Carlos Rempillo Jr. Production Designer-Abraham Caguioa Costumes-Arrianne Hadoypa Herez Props-Kenneth Blanza Musical Scoring-Jett Sayno Editors-Laser Diaz, Benjamin Tolentino Production Assistant- Azuelo

SA WAKAS (The End of the Beginning) by Nica Santiago

Sa Wakas is a story of a father who drives his daughter in his tricycle to find a health center that would admit her as she loses so much blood.  Will they make it or would the life of young Kat-Kat be put to waste?  

CAST: Raul Morit, Divine Aucina, Meann Espinosa
PRODUCTION: Executive Producer-DAKILA / Jet Leyco Director-Nica Santiago Writer-Nica Santiago Director of Photography-Neil Bion Production Manager-Lhovely Queñano Location Manager-Michael Santiago Sound Operator-Harold Buaron Art Director-Paolo Domingo Editor-Nica Santiago / Jet Leyco Musical Composition-Nica Santiago  Marketing Head-Lorenz Estanislao

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