Our visit to Indonesia

Panoramic view of Gelora Bung Karno Stadium
At the Mall :)
Jakarta International Airport
We are really amazed with the "familiar sounding" sinages.
Me mag-kakariton din.

APOTIK... amputik? gets?

some locals...students.

OJEK... their version of our trysikel here.

Pork barbeque with peanut tasting sauce (mukang dinuguan)
and sliced rice cake (suman). 

Mata Ng Hari?
Do we need to say more..hehe
ALAT...maalat, DIRI...kadiri...right? But if you are Bisaya DIRI means "here".
CDR-King, GOTO King, BUKO King, ChowKING....The Duck King
some sign... paki explain pls.

Basta nakakatawa... but i know what it means.
Nasi Goreng with goat meat.

resto menu...like you are reading a newspaper.

Nasi Babah! IDR31,000 per plate (about P130)

Tumambay lang inside to drink.
And visit - another bar where we broke some KARAOKE hits.

Last glimpse of my phone before taking off.

See you again Indonesia.
Feature Travellers: Brenda and Rona

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