Holy Week recipe

The humble "Bulanglang" and Paksiw na Bangus (milk fish) are my best bets for my top Holy Week recipes. The versions of this dishes - varies from the available vegetables in your local market. Also depends on your budget. Be creative or may I say, inventive :)

My bulanglang (as posted on this page) is a combination of the following available vegetables on my refrigerator this Maundy Thursday.

Kangkong (water spinach)
Kalabasa (squash)

Start cooking by boiling water then add the ginger, onion, garlic, some salt or fish sauce. On some occasions i want "inihaw na bangus" or dried shimps or dried dulong or dilis to replaced fish sauce.

When boiling and the squash is smooth enough for you to bite. Add the vegetables. A minute or more then that's it.

I like my dish not too salty so I can sip the soup. Yes, if you like more soup on your bulanglang, you can just add more water just before turning off the heat.

Paksiw na Bangus.
Clean the milk fish and cut in your desired portions. Placed on your pan then add vinegar, and small amount of water. Add peppercorns (paminta), ginger, onions, garlic, fish sauce then let It boil. Add vegetables like eggplants and ampalaya if you want. Some like adding Saba banana for it will add some sweetness on the dish.

I can't wait what to cook for tomorrow.

Tara lets eat!