Table Salt or Sea Salt?

We use any type salt (sea salt or refined salt) on almost every dish we cook without knowing the difference as long as the taste is there. The I discovered that the two most common type of salt is very different from one another.


Table Salt (a.k.a. Iodized Salt or Refined Salt) is bleached in order to obtain the white color and added chemicals to assure long shelf life. In fact, refined salt can sit on the grocery shelf forever. A long shelf life is a valuable tool to increase sales and maximize profits in the food business.

Refined salt is commonly used in commercial food products from the grocery (like crispy snacks, hotdogs, patis, toyo and bagoong) and restaurants while most people prefer using it at home more than sea salt because of its looks, convenience and added iodine (although there's insufficient iodine in salt to prevent thyroid illnesses or to provide for the body’s iodine needs).


Sea Salt is said to be healthier than iodized salt because it is less processed. It is created from the evaporation of sea water and is available in fine grain or larger crystals. Many chefs prefer to cook with sea salt because of the unusual flavor while the health conscious recommend it for its high concentration of minerals useful for the body.

Once again, know the right amount (not more and not less) before using or consuming anything.

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