King and I (Extended until May 2013)

Join the voyage to the dazzling land of Siam in The King and I that started September 15, 2012 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater! - NOW EXTENDED UNTIL MAY 2013.

The King and I, the fifth masterpiece of the celebrated tandem of Rodgers and Hammerstein, is the story of a widowed English school teacher who travels to Siam to serve as tutor to the many children of the King. Anna’s task of introducing the kingdom to the modern world brings about disputes with the King whom he learned to respect and love over time.

Considered as one of the most beloved classics in theater, The King and I has garnered world-wide acclaim, including 5 Tony Awards for its original 1951 Broadway run, and 5 Academy Awards for its 1966 film adaptation. It is a story as beautifully intricate and multi-faceted as the culture it portrays, brought to life with timeless songs and melodies.

With musical numbers backed by the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra and performances from the Philippine Ballet Theater, The King and I will be directed by premier concert and theater director Freddie Santos, with lead roles to be essayed by internationally renowned theater actors, Noni Buencamino / Bo Cerrudo (King) and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo / Shiela Valderrama (Anna).

Previous performances are played by Monique Wilson and Leo Valdez. 
It wows me when I saw this White Elephant along with the cast in a scene where there is a street celebration. Leo's acting is supported by his comic character - i like it... and still captivated by Monique's beauty on stage. I was invited to attend their Premiere Night performance, and it's a beautiful one!!! Thank You! 

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Monique Wilson is a lesbian and we are happy :)

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