My ACER Windows 8

Windows 8? I said why not, so I purchased one with a laptop last October 30 this year as a pre-christmas gift to myself - and I choose ACER's Aspire V5. Though it's not super light - it's lighter and slimmer than that of any 14 inches LED screen laptops (more comments below).

...some specs
I enjoy the audio more with the rechargeable Music Angel speaker
that Ms. Bambi gave me (from my day job) last Christmas.
I'm okey - with the familiar looking windows screen....
Oooopsss... what's that i said... Oh yes, I remember saying that :)
It's an apps window on Start button...
...which will lead you to this one. A short-cut of everything and more apps like that on your mobile phone.
hmmm... some shortcuts again...
And another set of shortcuts... that you can carry :)

It comes with a nice ACER laptop shoulder bag.
I love the speed and the graphics display, but i keep on having this WIFI connection issue 'till now. I keep on having this note on my wifi saying... "limited". When it shows - my connection stops :( need to re-connect, then it's okay again. My concern is, what if i am downloading something like (shhhh... movies) that will took a lot of time (right?) and i decided to leave it like that and take a nap. It'll cut the downloading. Hmmm... 

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