Sun-Wah Restaurant

Notably one of the oldest restaurants in Manila, visit this place if you want to go back in time or imagine the 50’s… I think!  You can find fresh ingredients versus fast cooking type of food here. Prices from P170 (good for 2) and up.

My friend Omar introduced me to this place years back. This is one of his Tatay Oscar's all-time-fave resto in Manila. I love the large servings of rice toppings (over-flowing the plate). Like other old Chinese resto,  I like the simplicity of the presentation and taste. Ask for hot tea - it’s free. It will ease your taste buds.

The neighborhood is like that of Delicious Restaurant for they are blocks away from each other. Located almost in the corner of Florentino Torres and Recto Avenue.  Easy to spot since it has a black boar (pig) guarding its main entrance. The pig, “lucky” according to Feng Shui and also according to Chinese cultures – is a symbol of virility, strength, and fertility.  The boar is even among the animals in the Chinese Zodiacs where it is considered a symbol of sincerity, honesty, and determination.  However, the pig is a symbol of sloth (laziness) and/or greed in ancient Christian symbolism. For me, it will end up in my stomach so please serve it “well-done”.  In front of Wah Sun is the Ambos Mundos (another old restaurant, features old Filipino-Spanish cuisine - but that's another story). Wah Sun and Ambos Mundos are like husband and wife.

Your meal is complete if you order rice-toppings. You can try Asado Lechon Rice (topped with soft lechon cuts with sweet asado sause) , Broccoli Beef Rice (with soft-chewy beef pieces and crunchy broccoli flowers in savory sauce), or the Mustasa Pacheng (see picture below).

However, if you want to taste their signature Chinese dishes, please do so because you won’t be disappointed. Like the Fish with Broccoli (broccoli flowers are exceptionally crunchy) and Fried Chicken (not breaded). Asado Meat CutsWhite Chicken (with fresh ginger sause), and the Assorted Asado Cuts (pork intestines and pork meats).

For take-out, please try the buns (with asado meat inside) and hopia.

Sun-Wah (Wah-Sun) Restaurant
747 Florentino Torres St. Sta. Cruz, Manila
Telephone: (+63 2) 7336709

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