Hinilabos Na Hipon

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Some call it "Halabos" instead of "Hinilabos". Another favorite summer picnic food in the Philippines. Commonly served (along with grilled fish) during summer beach outings / picnics as you can enjoy them fresh, cheap and preparation is easy.

700g fresh shrimps or prawns (sugpo)
1/2 can lemon soda (Sprite or 7up), or 1 lemon fruit (use the juice)
1 head garlic, minced
salt and pepper

Preparing the shrimps: 
Cleaning your shrimps is a nice thing to do especially when you are using bigger shrimps (or sugpo).
Just remove the antennae and cut the hard and pointed part of the head using your kitchen scissors.

TaraLETS do the cooking:
1. Heat your wok on high heat and then and add the oil.
2. Sauté garlic (don't toast it) then add shrimps. Just a very quick stir so it won't stick (don't cook it yet).
3. Add soda (or fresh lemon juice); bring it to a boil until it caramel-like (or hangang matuyuan).
Make sure you are in high heat to reduce the liquid faster, if you do this in low heat - shrimps might overcook and the shrimp shell will stick on the meat making it hard to eat.
4. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Suggested add-ons:
Enjoy it with green mango salad (with salted eggs, tomato) and eat it with your hands using banana leaf as your plate.

Options, what others are doing:
On some versions of this dish, they add beer to replace the soda - they call it "Nilasing Na Hipon" (drunken shrimps). Another version is deep-frying the breaded shrimps 'til it is crispy - a good beer companion (or pulutan).

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