The Best Massage Oils are Found in Your Kitchen

Before allowing your favorite masseur to apply oil on your skin, it is important to know what kind of oil will be used since it will probably penetrate your skin.

The most common oil that is available is mineral oil more known as 'baby oil'. Check out this website to know what it can do to you. . New studies show that chronic use of or exposure to mineral oils can be hazardous to your health.

Also avoid ones with heavy, artificial or synthetic perfumes which can irritate the skin and the nose. Who knows what else can those chemicals do to our body.

If your budget is tight, thinking finding 'all natural' massage oils are hard to find therefore expensive, simply go to your kitchen and look for the following:

Sesame Oil - used for flavoring and salad dressings is also a natural antibacterial and more

Sunflower Oil - light in taste and appearance, has a high vitamin E content and good for sensitive skin

Olive Oil - many people don't know that olive oil is a common base in homemade massage oils

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - due to the antioxidant activity present in coconut oil, you can also use it as an anti-aging product because it can delay the onset of wrinkles.

Soybean Oil - contains significant amounts of vitamin E.

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