Pinsec's Siopao

By Kuya Bho

Uy siopao! If you like your siopao buns like what your lolo and lola are having' during their times... then this is it. This is your siopao. And it's here to stay. Located along Recto Avenue right after LRT area of Avenida if your goin' to Divisoria (beside Budgetel hotel).

My favorite is "Siopao BOLA-BOLA" - I like the softness of its bread-like bun, pieces of meat balls, chicken strips, salted eggs chunks (not too salty which i like), chorizo cuts...

I like eating my siopao without the sauce so i can easily understand its taste.
I like the clean, clear taste of it. 

Just along Recto Ave., it's not your fancy restaurant. Not air-conditioned but I enjoy my moments there with my siopao everytime I go to Divisoria I try to stop and visit this nice siopao house.

Yummy! They also have Pork or Chicken Noodles (Mami) and Siopao Asado.

People from all walks of life dine here. 
If not dine-in. They just park and go.
One of the oldest mami house in town. It deserves a visit.

Photos taken from IPOD Touch (4th Gen)

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