Noodle time @ Divisoria Mall

by Kuya Bho

Meryenda time at Divisoria Mall food court (Sta Elena cor. Tabora Sts.). Located at the top level floor of the said mall, it features food stalls catering from the very simple taste buds looking for comfort foods to the experimental and inventive explorers.

I've been to this mall like a dozen times already, it's good to go here during week days for it is more easy to stroll and walk around. I used to order my comfort foods like sweet and sour pork, stir fried eel with bean curd or black beans, steamed fish with oily-based herbs and the likes.... I am thinking of ordering sauteed squid with sesame oil this time, then a Korean couple came before me so they ordered first. This is the "waiting time" inside a food court that I enjoyed the most. They ordered this dish they called "Pork Noodle" - the ingredients are exposed right in front of you and from its name the dish sounds like a regular dish to me. But when the food server starts to combine all the ingredients into that big bowl.... i started thinking to change my order.

Now it's my turn... YES! I ordered PORK NOODLES... and from a wide array of noodles, I picked "Korean noodles" (transparent one, looks like "sotanghon" but thicker). Then i ask the server (a nice and very accommodating Filipino guy) to choose the best combination of meat pieces and veggies for me. So here's what i got...... (see pic below).

This is the dish, Chinese (or Thailand) pechay, transparent sotanghon-like noodle, pieces of pork meat, intestines and "goto", blood-sausages (2 kinds) - one with cooked rice on it (chopped),  mushrooms, pickled cucumber and "mustasa", peanuts, some herbs and spices that i don't know (really...hehe) but i like it - for only P100. I feel i got more than what i paid for - nakakabusog talaga. Good for 2.

Then i burp! Arrrrggphh.. excuse me! :)

I enjoyed it. I'll be back and explore more.

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