Here's an update of the map/guide of Divisoria streets and malls I made a few years back. Those who are in good health, have strong legs, can walk fast and tolerate hot weather and want to visit the place but don't know where to start or end, this is for you. Expect a wide variety of products not found in common malls (outside Divisoria) with lower prices. Save a lot by buying in wholesale (six items or more), but not so much if in retail. Be ready for very heavy traffic and overcrowding especially during Christmas season. Try the authentic Chinese dishes you can find along the way, it will make you feel more like a tourist than a tired, broke shopper. Don't forget to list your favorite stores and remember their locations, I'm sure there will be many.

The Malls of Divisoria (2012 Update)
1. Tutuban Shopping Complex - variety
2. 168 Mall - variety
3. 999 Shopping Mall - variety
4. 11/88 Mall (former Meisic Mall) - variety
5. Cityplace Square - variety
6. Divisoria Mall (with Wet Market) - variety
7. Divisoria Bodega Sales - exclusively toys
8. Juan Luna Plaza - mostly clothes
9. Lucky Chinatown Mall - original/branded

The Busy Streets of Divisoria
Juan Luna (from Recto to Sta. Elena): trapal, linoleum flooring, foam, tissues, dried marine products, styro, fishermen supplies, bed foam, banig, umbrellas, tents, novelty
Commercio: plastic bags and containers
Sta. Elena: oranges, strawberries, kiwi and other fruits, tissue rolls, street food, etc.
Tabora: souvenirs for weddings, debuts, halloween costumes, kitchenware, pillow cases, doormats, refrigerator towels, aprons, curtains, table runners, shorts and dusters, parts of fancy fashion accessories like beads, laces, rhinestones and crystals.
De Santos: vegetables, kitchen wares, plastic and glass containers, plates, cups, saucers, drinking glasses, ingredients for flavored beverages, atomizers, cream canisters (for repacking ointments and beauty products), nuts, candied fruits, dried fish, Divisoria Mall
Planas: special fruits like fuji apples, ponkan seedless grapes, pears, grapefruits, 859 Fashion Accessories: rubber bands, hair clips, pony tails, belt bags, cellphone holders
Santo Cristo (from Recto to De Santos): school/office supplies, crackers, macaroni, sweet corn, gift wrappers, fancy jewelry, bracelets, bakery products. Right-side of Recto: vegetables
Asuncion: fruits
Chavez: hair accessories, wallets, stuffed toys, pillows, synthetic foam, anahaw fans, small baskets for give aways, laces, hats
C.M. Recto: school bags, slippers, clothes, toys, belts, plastic ware, party giveaways, bags, pillows, blankets, Tutuban Center, Yangco Bldg. (along Recto between Tabora & Ylaya Sts.) you'll find all kinds of textiles, gowns, kimona and other clothes.
Bilbao and Padre Faura: Wholesale red and white onions, bell peppers, young corn, cabbage, garlic, potatoes
Ylaya: Left-side of Recto: fish, chicken, pork, eggs, string beans, eggplants, etc. Right-side of Recto: shirts, underwear, clothes for children, school uniforms
Soler: bed foam, textile wholesaler, linoleum, banig, trapal, umbrellas, tents
Dagupan to Malong: rice wholesalers

Virtual-Walk the streets of Divisoria via Google StreetView.

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