DELICIOUS Restaurant

Delicious Restaurant
Another old restaurant in Manila. 

Pancit Bihon Special

Cold cuts at the counter (Kikiam, siomai, meat slices).
Pancit Bihon Special (available in small, medium, and large servings)
This one is medium. PhP 120 per order. Good for 2-3 persons.
Delicious Restaurant view from Ongpin corner Gonzalo Puyat.

A friend introduced us to dine here years back. And since then - I dine here from time to time with friends. It's not your average air-conditioned restaurant (ceiling fan sections only). I try to visit this place whenever I go to Ongpin area and the last time is during this year's Chinese New Year celebration (in the morning). I can say that the food is affordable and really... delicious. Try their fried chicken (spring chicken) and Fried rice. And yes, also the mouth-watering Chopseuy. One of my favorite is the soy pork with thin ginger strips. Dining here will reminds you of some scenes from old pinoy action movie or from an indie movie (hehe... precious!). And yeah, they served beer here over a glass of ice. 

Ycel said: "Medyo matabang 'tong pancit pero me patis-toyo at calamansi naman kaya carry na. Eto ha, hinahalo ko yung pansit ko -  biglang gumulong yung isang squid nalaglag sa sahig anlalake kase ng sahog masikip s plato - kakatawa haha!"
Omar said: "Okey naman, kakaiba yung bihon nya tama sa luto."
F. Torres cor. Gonzalo Puyat, Manila

How to get there: 
From LRT Carriedo, you can walk Rizal Ave. towards Recto (but not reaching Recto).
You have 3 options:
- From Rizal Avenue - turn left to Bustos St. (you will see Sta. Cruz Church and a water fountain) then enter Ongpin and turn right to Gonzalo Puyat St.
- From Rizal Avenue - turn left to Ronquillo St. then right to F. Torres.
- From Rizal Avenue - turn left to Gonzalo Puyat.

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