Design: "All Those Ballads" poster

Design: "All Those Ballads" concert
(Feat. Nonoy Zuniga, Mark Bautista, and Basil Baldez)

Designed by:

  • Event poster and tickets

  • Tarpaulin (adopting the design of the poster to create different sizes of tarpaulin)

  • Big billboard (outside Music Museum, facing the Promenade Mall)

  • Newspaper Ad

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    1. That's a nice poster. How much does this one cost?

    2. This one with photo edit and croppings, with text designs and backgrounds... can only cost u PhP5,000.00 only (including conversions to tarpaulin sizes for FREE).

      For PhP3,000.00 if we use 1 of your best quality pic as main subject then added with text title and text details.

      We also retrace logo to vector files (.CDR corel file). Why do you need a vector version of your logo? --- The next time your designer wants a bigger version of your logo you can simply have one. They can convert it to any size they want.


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