FREE WI-FI. No Connection.

It was Monday, May 3, 2010 1143am GATEWAY Mall Foodcourt Area (3rd Floor). The mall advertised a free wi-fi within Araneta area. we are at the center of it. my laptop says i have an excellent signal from "FREE Araneta Center Hotzone" but when i connect to it, it says im connected but cant open any website.

A Smart (the telecommunication company) page is there on my browser saying need to enter some login et al. My god! Is that Araneta's meaning of the word "free". I start asking for passwords on the food stalls... BIG chill lady says she dont know the password of gateway but i can check on BURGER KING daw. My god (again), i dont have the appetite for that type of food right now. But need to change my desired food for today.

I asked the walkie talkie guy on white barong like shirt with etched Gateway logo on it. HE DONT KNOW THE PASSWORD. (Ey whats the use of your walkie). Now, no choice need to purchase worth PhP130 for a burger and some sweet sodas and ice cream yuk (Order no. 000049, OR no. 23161). Then she gave me this password FREE_whopperjr@BKGATEWAY. Ohhh my.. i want Big Chill Strawberry Shake for lunch Huhuhu. Hay buhay pinoy.

I hope the hotels with advertised wi-fi for free are really true. That's my next review... My friend says SOGO is advertising this same free wi-fi. But when they enter the room.. what the... NO WI-FI. Will share you their stories on

Here's a list from other blog - topic "wi-fi connections on some areas in the metro".

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