Grooming Wisdom (FOR-MEN-ONLY)


1.The fit of clothing is the most important thing about your wardrobe; you can buy the most expensive attire but if it isn"t the right size or doesn"t fit your body proportions correctly it"s just going to look sloppy;
2. Buy the best that you can afford within your budget; quality will not only look better but will last longer;
3. Black shoes black belt; brown shoes brown belt;
4. A gentleman never feels compelled to disclose his income nor does he feel any desire to ask what anyone else earns either;
5. A gentleman will bring not only enough cash to buy drinks for himself, but enough to cover for everyone else just in case they don"t;
6. Clothing hangs better off a fit body so staying in shape and lifting weights not only ensures you live longer, but will make your clothes drape that much better on your body; therefore, make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and understand that cardio may be a necessary evil;
7. Style is often nothing more than attitude;
8. No socks with sandals;
9. If the suit doesn"t fit in the shoulders, don"t buy it; shoulders really cannot be altered;
10. The sleeve of a dress shirt should show from beneath the sleeve of your suit coat, anywhere from 1/4 to 1/ 2 inch;
11. Invest in good well-made leather dress shoes - and take care of them; use shoe trees and clean, wax and polish them regularly and they"ll easily last you a lifetime;
12. Establish relationships and understand that if you can call one person your friend, your confidant and your equal, you have accomplished one of the hardest things in life;
13. If you wear any kind of sandal, clean your feet, cut your toenails and just make things look presentable, feet are ugly enough as it is;
14. Try to never buy anything at full price; everything eventually will go on sale;
15. Trim your eyebrows, pluck ear hairs and clip nose hairs, nobody wants to be whispering sweet nothings to you only to see ear hairs blowing in the wind;
16. Don"t dump half a bottle of cologne on, your scent should only be detectable up close and personal;
17. Beware of zippers when going commando and always tap twice at the urinal;
18. Wear clothing that is appropriate not only for the occasion but appropriate for your age;
19. True athletic shoes should be worn while doing something athletic;
20. A gentleman will not only recognize when he is wrong but will readily admit it;
21. Socks should match the pants;
22. Black actually does go with everything, as does grey;
23. Every guy should own at least one suit for occasions such as weddings, funerals, job interviews; a navy blue or charcoal grey two-button single-breasted one will serve you well;
24. Find a good barber or hair stylist and get a good decent haircut that not only suits your facial features but which does not take more than a few minutes to fix in the morning; and once you get that great haircut, keep it trimmed and neat;
25. With clothing care, hang everything that needs ironing or pressing or wrinkles easily and fold everything else;
26. When undoing a tie, don"t pull on the knot to pull it apart, untie it going in the reverse order of how you tied it;
27. Casual Fridays at work does not mean you are allowed to look like you just got up and out of bed;
28. No button-down collared shirts with a suit and tie, they look much smarter when worn with a sports coat;
29. Short-sleeved dress shirts do not exist, repeat twice;
30. Brown leather dress shoes do indeed go with navy blue and grey suits and dress pants;
31. Go bald gracefully, cut your hair short and don"t worry about it;
32. No one item in a guy’s wardrobe can be as versatile as a crisp white cotton dress shirt; its simplicity makes it timeless, luxurious, utilitarian yet sophisticated;
33. You only need to dry clean a suit when necessary or once a season; in the interim, air it out, brush it, steam out wrinkles and have it pressed in between cleanings to keep your investment looking sharp;
34. Get a simple slim leather wallet and only carry the minimum of credit cards and identification;
35. Get one pair of hip-sitting butt-hugging pair of jeans in dark indigo non-distressed denim; and, be suspect of black colored jeans, unless worn by Hedi Slimane;
36. Linen wrinkles, there"s nothing you can do about it;
37. There should come a point in your life when underwear should not be showing out from under your pants or your pants hanging off your rear, and that age is when you graduate off diapers;
38. Essential products that every guy should have in his medicine cabinet and use on a regular basis to keep that manly mug looking that much more handsome over time: a facial wash, a facial scrub, a good shave product appropriate to the thickness of one"s beard, a moisturizer with an SPF, and a deodorant;
39. Shaving is an art, take a few extra minutes to wet your face with warm water, let the shave product work away at your beard growth for a minute or two, use a sharp razor and shave in the direction of your hair growth and you"ll never get nicks or cuts again;
40. Have one regret; life isn’t complete without mistakes;
41. Less is more;
42. Loafers are not appropriate shoes to wear with a suit: depending on the suit, lace-ups, monk straps, high vamp slip-ons and Chelsea boots are all options that can work;
43. Learn that your reputation is the most important asset you own;
44. Pocket squares should compliment the outfit and not match identically to your shirt or tie or anything else;
45. A light colored suit is not appropriate for evening functions; it may be wise to invest in a tuxedo;
46. Graduate to a drink you can call your own;
47. There are times and places when clothing should be functional first and fashionable second, as when working out in the gym; this is not to say that there are not stylish functional pieces of clothing;
48. When finished packing a suitcase, stop and take out 1/3 of that which you just packed; you"ll still have more clothes than you need;
49. A man of style will treat others in the same manner that he"d like to be treated in return;
50. With any rule, there is at least one exception, except for #1, #3 and #8 above.

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