Salcedo Village (Saturday Market)

Salcedo Village (Saturday Market)
Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City

Stalls that offers... hot Thai cuisine, spicy Indian food, Frenchman’s crepe, Chinese food cooked on the spot, German sausages, rib shack, monster burgers - to stall that offers Ilocano specialties and more more pinoy favorites... this is a real treat to people who wants to start their weekends here. Showcases the best of Filipino dishes, distinct regional cuisines and old family recipes.

What i saw (and experienced some)...
-Thaku, a famous Thai dessert similar to the Filipino maja blanca.
-Laoag longganisa, bagnet sliced to slivers akin to bacons, Ilocano vinegar, Batac specialities and other Ilocano food rice meals.
-Chinese food cooked on the spot.
-Coffee from Cavite and family recipes from Bais, Negros Oriental.
-German sausages (home-made)
-Honey- and coffee-glazed barbecue ribs as well as truffle-mashed potatoes and angus beef tapa.

New vendors are usually located on the left side of the market from the entrance.
-Regional buffet (spreads from Tuguegarao, Cagayan; Bicol region, Batangas, Bulacan, Ilocos, and Pampanga, which retail anything from grilled tilapia to pritchon and sinaing na tawilis)
-There are large selections of Baguio and organic veggies
-Cordillera mountain rice, and Sagada fruits.
-The wet market, on the right side from the entrance, have crabs and prawns flown in from Roxas City.
-Fresh sea bass, locally known as apahap
-local wagyu beef
-thermal-brick-baked pizzas.
-imported wagyu beef
-queso de bola spread
-butter cake
-Pampanga ensaymadas
-western- and Spanish-style dishes
-authentic French cuisine.
-fresh yogurt, a winner among health buffs.
-brick-baked breads
-spices sourced from around the globe, including Turkey and Syria, and has an assortment of oils
-fresh flowers and pot plants including ferns and herbals (here I find eucalyptus for my vase at Php100 per bouquet
-handicrafts like baskets and farmers hat

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  1. This is one saucy place. Great food and great stuff. It's really a relaxing Saturday market.

  2. is it possible to take part?I used to have a boutique in Cagayan de Oro, crafts from Bukidnon and hand painted shirts.:)


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