Educational and Training

The eTESDA Portal is proud to be one of the most advanced e-Learning portal in the country, and its aim is to deliver quality education online, and to be able to create a world-class technical worker. Distance Education, or e-Learning will allow you to learn anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. With this, you will be able to study at your own pace, without having to go to a physical classroom. With the eTESDA Portal's advanced and unique community features, you will not be lonely even though you will not be going to an actual school. It was built specifically for Community Learning, with fun and easy tools such as blogs, photos, videos, profiles, forums, and network building applications that allow interactive collaboration between teachers, students, trainers and trainees.

TESDA Women's Center
One of the challenges confronting most government agencies today is the speed of addressing the increasing poverty of our people. The present economic condition has brought about problems of underemployment and unemployment, putting both men and women at risk of entering the poverty threshold. To prevent this, government must respond quickly and appropriately.

STI Education Centers
An institution committed to provide knowledge through the development
and delivery of superior learning systems.