Got a Few Minutes to Save the World?

Got a Few Minutes to Save the World?

We don't need to climb mountains and plant trees or curse smoke belchers to participate in saving our planet. Here are small practices anyone can do today that can make a big difference.

  • Lessen the use of disposable bags, if possible. Whenever you shop, tell the cashier not to put your items in plastic or paper bags. Carry your stuff by hand whenever possible or bring your own re-usable shopping bags when visiting groceries or malls. Recycle any kind of extra packaging or simply refuse to have them.
  • Don't use plastic banderitas during fiestas.
  • If you want to learn more about a certain product or service browse them on the internet instead of taking or accepting brochures, flyers and other marketing and advertising materials.
  • Don't allow tarpaulins and posters of products and politicians to be posted on your house.
  • Buy the biggest container of shampoo, toothpaste or soap, this will lessen the amount of sachets or thrift packs on dump sites.
  • Buy refills and find ways to re-use containers.
  • Refrain from using firecrackers at any occasion for very obvious reasons. Try wiping your nostrils right after the fireworks to preview the damage it costs.
  • When grilling, don't burn the plastic pack with the coal.
  • The original package is often cool enough. Don't wrap your gifts, its the thought that counts right?
  • When your in a mall, always think of quality. Buy products you can use for a long time.
  • Candy wrappers can cause floods (use your imagination), place them at proper disposals. Better yet, don't buy candies, they're also bad for your health.
  • Quit smoking (if you can). Consider it a thing of the past when people easily give in to marketing and advertising no matter how irrational. The only purpose of advertisements is to make the product or service be known, attract customers and increase sales. Do your own research if you are interested in something, don't just rely on ads.
  • As much as possible, avoid eating at fast food chains, observe how much trash you produce in eating one of the value meals. Cook and eat at home, its healthier but don't over do it, you might end up producing more waste than fast food restaurants.
  • Support inventions on producing natural electricity coming from free and unlimited sources like the sun and wind and use biodegradable products.
  • Buy appliances which consume less electricity like LCD and energy saving light bulbs and are guaranteed safe for the environment.

Everyone already know this, what we really need to do is act now.

Here are some pics for inspiration...
green world infographic

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