Easy to use guitar chord chart

Starting to play guitar is really simple. First buy a guitar and learn how to tune it. Next is to learn and memorize the lyrics, beat and chords of one simple song. Then learn a few more simple songs and you are ready to play almost any song you want. Adopt some artist's looks and attitude, and be an instant celebrity. Don't forget how learn how to tune a guitar first ok?

Finding a guitar chord chart for beginners is hard to find the internet right now. So I prepared one with commonly used chords only. My advice to those who want to learn guitar the easy way, don't mind the suspended, diminished, augmented and other rare or complicated chords yet. For example if your song lyrics (with guitar chord) need you to play Asus4/Db or A6/7sus, simply strum A. You need to learn the basic chords from the chart I prepared before moving on to more complicated ones.

Here's a comprehensive, easy to use guitar chord chart I specially made made for beginners. Print this on a letter size paper, and bring it anywhere you want.

Guitar Chord Chart by JOEM
Click image to view or download the HI-RES version.

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