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Discover Divisoria

There's Greenhills, Quiapo, Baclaran, Marikina, SM Malls but the mother of them all is Divisoria.

Divisoria is the biggest and the cheapest shopping place in the Philippines (as far as i know...). Its the place to go if you want bigger savings. A sacred place for business owners all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Most of the people I know have gone to this place, but there are still many who don't know how to get there or have no intentions of going there at all with all kinds of reasons.
Divisoria have a reputation of having low prices but poor quality products. That might be true with some products with prices 70% cheaper. Original and high quality products can also be found there with low prices depending on quantity and one's negotiating skills. If you really want the very best price from Divisoria, learn about the word "wholesale" before going there.

Some say the place is chaotic with snatchers roaming around. Its not that bad if you bring your street smart attitude with you (as you do while in other public markets).

At first, the whole place seems like a big mess. A
side from the crowd and heat, all sorts of stuff from clothes, etched stone to bed foams are scattered around the streets. But once you get familiar with it you'd want go there as often as possible.It's so easy to get lost in Divisoria. Shoppers, vehicles and delivery boys moving in all directions and manner. You'll learn running sideways in or or out of malls of Divisoria. Don't worry, you'll be alright because aside from bargain prices, you can check out the Korean and Chinese store owners and half-naked muscled delivery men. Kidding aside, the main malls of Divisoria namely New Divisoria Mall, 168 Mall and Tutuban Shopping Center are fully air-conditioned which makes shopping easy.

Anything available in more famous malls like SM, Glorietta and Landmark can be found in Divisoria, but with lower prices, but first you have to know where to find them.

Now on to our journey. Discover Divisoria.

Divisoria Map
Note: The broken lines are my suggested route for begonners.

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How to get there:

Take the MRT, get off at Taft Station, Then take LRT-1 going to Doroteo Jose then walk towards Recto.

From the MRT, you may also get off at Cubao Station, then ride LRT-2 and get off at Recto.

At Recto, just ride a jeepney with Divisoria sign on it.

There are also jeepneys coming from Mabini, Malate, Manila City Hall areas going directly to Divisoria, passing Binondo Church.

Divisoria is dissected by C.M. Recto.

Busy Streets of Divisora

Juan Luna:
Juan Luna Shopping Plaza (between Sta. Elena and Binondo Church) - wholesale clothes, bags, handkerchiefs, bandanas, raincoats, socks, towels, office supplies, novelty items, slippers

Juan Luna (from Recto to Sta. Elena): trapal, linoleum flooring, foam, tissues, dried marine products, styro, fishermen supplies, bed foam, banig, umbrellas, tents

Commercio: plastic bags and containers

Sta. Elena: strawberries and other fruits, tissue rolls, fried street food, 168 Mall - Bldg 1, New Divisoria Mall, New Divisoria Center (party supplies, toys, decorations and giveaways).

Tabora: souvenirs for weddings, debuts, halloween costumes, kitchenware, pillow cases, doormats, refrigerator towels, aprons, curtains, table runners, shorts and dusters, parts of fancy fashion accessories like beads, laces,
rhinestones and crystals.

De Santos: vegetables, kitchen wares, plastic and glass containers, plates, cups, saucers, drinking glasses, ingredients for flavored beverages, atomizers, cream canisters (for repacking ointments and beauty products), nuts candied fruits, dried fish, Divisoria Mall

Planas: special fruits like fuji apples, ponkan seedless grapes, pears, grapefruits, 859 Fashion Accessories: rubber bands, hair clips, pony tails, belt bags, cellphone holders

Santo Cristo (left-side of Recto): school & office supplies, crackers, macaroni, sweet corn, gift wrappers, fancy jewelry, bracelets, bakery products.

Santo Cristo (right-side of Recto): vegetables

Asuncion: fruits

Chavez: hair accessories, wallets, stuffed toys, pillows, synthetic foam, anahaw fans, small baskets for give aways, laces, hats

C.M. Recto: school bags, slippers, clothes, toys, belts, plastic ware, party giveaways, bags, pillows, blankets, Tutuban Center, Yangco Bldg. (
along Recto between Tabora & Ylaya Sts.) you'll find all kinds of textiles, gowns, kimona and other clothes.

Bilbao and Padre Faura: Wholesale prices: red and white onions, bell peppers, young corn, cabbage, garlic, potatoes

Ylaya (left-side of Recto): fish, chicken, pork,
eggs, string beans, eggplants, etc.
Ylaya (right-side of Recto): shirts, underwear, clothes for
children, school uniforms

Soler: bed foam, textile wholesaler, linoleum, banig, trapal, umbrellas, tents

Dagupan to Malong: rice wholesalers

El Cano: bakery products, spices, beans, sago, gulaman, plastic bags, styrofoam
cups and food package

The Divisoria Malls

Expect a wide variety of products and "IN" or in demand stuffs of the season can be found in these malls.

  • New Divisoria Mall
  • 168 Mall
  • Tutuban Shopping Center
  • Tutuban Midnight Market (open 9pm to 12am)
  • Juan Luna Plaza Shopping Mall
  • Meisic Mall
  • Megaworld's Lucky Chinatown Mall (Original Boutiques)
New Divisoria Center - party supplies, toys, decorations and giveaways
Yangco Bldg. (along Recto between Tabora & Ylaya Sts.) - all kinds of textiles, gowns, kimona and other clothes. 
859 Fashion Accessories (Planas) - rubber bands, hair clips, pony tails, belt bags, cellphone holders


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  17. Can anyone tell me the name of the Chinese Restaurant at Ilaya Street on the otherside of Tabora Street but I think it's a part of Yangco Market that has a fruit vendors. They have the BEST siopoa and food. I used to work and lived upstairs of Yangco Market back in the early 70's I was one of the maids that found the fire when it was burned. I live in the US now but my friend is coming to visit and is excited to shop at Divisoria. My chinese employer used to owned a wholesale & retail store at Passillo B and the a sister owned Highton Trading in Tabora but I have no communication with them anymore I lived in the US for 25 years.I love Divisoria at that time I was only 13 years old worked and lived in Divisoria for 4 years.Thanks for this site is AMAZING!!!

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  21. kace po bibili ako ng apple at ponkan ng tag 3 boxes but need ko po malaman kung magkanu ang pinakamura

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